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  1. Our beagle, Snoopy, ran away when I was a little girl. After searching shelters and other neighborhoods, we'd given up hope for finding her. Then three weeks later she arrived back at home. I was at the mall w/a girlfriend, and when I called home to have my mom pick me up, the housekeeper, in her broken English accent yelled into the phone, "Snoopy come home, Snoopy come home!!!" We were overjoyed. She was covered w/mud, grass, leaves, and she was scratched up, bleeding and thin, but she was so happy to be home! We cleaned her up and clung to her for the next few days covering her w/kisses and tight hugs (so happy she was still alive!!!) That was a huge life altering never realize how much you adore your pets until they stray or are in danger.


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