Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cancer Victim Needs Pet Re-Homed

I know your page doesn't cross post dogs in need of adoption but I thought this may be an exception: Neysa Arena is a devoted pitbull advocate and rescuer in Levittown PA who has been battling colon cancer for 2 years and is now in stage 4 . Her dog, Kevin Bacon, needs to re-homed.  Neysa states:
It is no secret that I am dying. Kevin will have no where to go once I am gone. I have been unable to give him the attention he needs since I can barely walk and it is not fair to him. He needs a home where he can run and have a lap to lay in.
Neysa will turn 32 in August. She will also leave behind 2 young children, but would like to find a home for Mr. Kevin Bacon soon, so his transition is easy and she can focus more time on herself...transportation has been offered by friends..please spread the word for her sake and Kevin's...Thank you!!
If you can re-home Kevin, contact

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