Wednesday, April 2, 2014


For your MISSING Dog or Cat, your timing and actions are CRITICAL.  The first thing that people do is PANIC.  …and that’s AOK. But if you want to find your pet, the following are the critical steps that you should take in the first hour, within a day, and by week's end. 

  • Look very carefully nearby.  Cats typically don’t travel far.  Dogs may be within the neighborhood.  Yelling for your dog helps.  Yelling for your cat probably won't.
  • For cats, look under steps, in pipes, in sheds, garages, and any place close by where it may hide.  Then look again!!!  Cats love to hide and they're good at it!

  • Visit and click "LOST A CRITTER" to search and post your missing pet.  It’s 100% free, easy, and highly efficient.  Visit often.  Search up to 100 miles from where your pet was last seen.

  • Check with neighbors and especially ask children.  A wondering dog is likely to have been spotted and, if you pet is friendly and found by an animal lover, it is likely in someone’s possession. (I speak from experience!)
  • Flyers should be posted in the neighborhood by day’s end.  A cat is probably still close, but a dog has been following smells and other dogs, chasing critters, and exploring the neighborhood.  
  • Visit the local shelter near the end of their work day.  You can call them, but it’s much better to visit.  If the loss occurs on a weekend or holiday, it should be the first place you go when they are next open.

  • VISIT YOUR LOCAL SHELTER EVERY OTHER DAY (NO LESS THAN EVERY 3 DAYS).   Your window of opportunity is between 3 days and a week before an unclaimed pet is either euthanized, moved to adoption quarters, or transported to another shelter.
  • One visit to the shelter is NOT enough.  Leaving a description is NOT enough!  Shelters don’t have the resources to match each stray brought in with all the notices on file.  What I typically hear is, “They have my name and a description. They’ll call.”  WRONG!!!!
  • Posters/flyers should be up not just in the neighborhood, but within a mile from where your pet went missing.  Also, a daily visit to  is easy, efficient, and cost free.

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